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Quality Hog Roasts, Hog Roast Machines, Wedding and Corporate Catering

Why Use Us?

If you’re looking to make a good impression, delight your guests and offer a delicious alternative to traditional catering, look no further than Hog Roast Bolton.

Our customers have a diverse range of needs and requirements, but all agree that there are five main reasons for choosing Hog Roast Bolton.

1. Quality

Using our extensive knowledge to source out the best raw products, such as our locally hand reared pigs, finest and freshest breads and the latest cooking equipment, the quality of any catering solution from Hog Roast Bolton is never in any doubt.

Whether you opt for a Hog Roast, one of our Barbeque packages or to have one of our snack vans present at your event, you can be assured that the quality of all of our fresh foods is not only evident on sight alone but is clear from every bite.

2. Choice

It is our aim at all times to offer the widest selection of foods. In addition to our Hog Roasts, we can provide Lamb and Beef which also roast wonderfully for a succulent and slightly different option. In addition, we of course offer our huge selection of barbeque food for your selection.

3. Experience

From our management team to our serving staff, all of the staff at Hog Roast Bolton have extensive experience in catering and work to the highest standards. We’ve taken everything we know about fresh food, hygiene, and production to ensure that whether you opt for a Hog Roast, a Barbeque or any other option from Hog Roast Bolton, our experienced staff will ensure it is a memorable occasion.

4. Service

In addition to the quality and taste of our food, we believe in offering the best possible service to our customers and their guests. Whether it is a wedding, a fair or a corporate event, our customers need assurance that their guests will be offered the most courteous service as well as food of the highest standards, and it is our mission to ensure this is provided.

5. Satisfaction

Above all else, with Hog Roast Bolton, you’re guaranteed satisfaction.