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Who We Are

At Hog Roast Bolton, we believe in delivering a high quality, affordable solution to all of your catering requirements.

The Hog Roast has undergone a change of fortunes recently when it has grown immensely in popularity as an alternative to a traditional buffet or barbeque.

At Hog Roast Bolton we’ve been offering our Hog Roasts and other catering alternatives for many years and within that time we’ve amassed a reputation for delivering three promises:

The Best Hog Roast

Although there are many companies offering Hog Roasts, there are few who can match the quality of Hog Roast Bolton. We source all of our meats locally and ensure that they are all naturally raised and as free range as possible.

We guarantee the quality of all the ingredients we use, including the freshest breads, the best apple sauce and the finest crackling, also sourced from local and free-range pigs.

What’s more, the quality of our machinery and cooking methods sets our Hog Roasts above all the rest.

The Most Affordable Solution

It’s our further aim to ensure that whether you’re catering for 50 or 500, the solution is as affordable as possible. A Hog Roast offers excellent value for money because there’s so little waste, in comparison to hot and cold buffets where people can often pick at the selections but waste a great deal of food.

At Hog Roast Birmingham, we can assure you that whatever catering solution you opt for, it will be affordable and truly good value for money.

The Most Flexible Solution

We’re very aware that different customers have differing requirements and although we offer a number of set packages, we also offer bespoke solutions which are designed around our customers and their needs.

In addition to the above, we’re also passionate about using the safest, most environmentally conscious and most hygienic methods. We’re fully certified which means that our customers can expect only the highest standards of hygiene, and in addition we ethically and responsibly source all of our products, ensuring that all the hogs we use are free and naturally raised.