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What We Do

At Hog Roast Bolton, it is our aim to provide the most extensive range of catering solutions in a convenient and affordable way.

We offer an affordable and convenient way for our customers to offer their guests a delicious, freshly cooked and appealing catering solution.

Many people get bored by buffets, and they are often seen as a waste of money, where guests tend to pick, and leave hungrier than when they arrived; as well as leaving a lot on the buffet table!

With a Hog Roast, you’re providing your guests with something they’ll actually enjoy, which will be filling and which is so different from what they’re expecting or are normally given that they’ll be delighted.

At Hog Roast Bolton, it’s our aim to ensure that your event or special occasion is memorable for all the right reasons and that’s why we offer so many solutions

Hog Roasts

A Hog Roast is simply exactly what it says. A full spit-roasted pig, which is not only stunning to taste, but is also a centrepiece for many occasions which will leave guests gasping with delight. The smell of the roasting pork is heavenly and is sure to whet the appetite of every guest.

Hog Roasts are carved in front of guests and presented in the freshest bread rolls which accompanying crackling and apple sauce.

For the freshest taste and most succulent meat, it has to be a Hog Roast.


If you would like to provide your guests with a more extensive selection and choice then the barbeques from Hog Roast Bolton are also a true delight. Taking a selection of meats, marinades and vegetarian options, Hog Roast Bolton lays on the best barbeque you’re ever likely to see. We offer a huge selection of packages meaning that you can pre-order a selection of choices per guest. All of the barbeque food we offer is cooked freshly at your event and presented steaming hot, straight from the coals!

Alternative Meats

The taste and spectacle of the hog roast mean that it is a firm favourite for many, but for those looking for something a little different, we also offer lamb and beef.